2017 Labour Party: Policy for the Community and Voluntary Sector

Election 2017 Briefing for Political Parties: Communities Count

ComVoices Issues paper on ICLD as sent to Ministers English; Tolley; Adams and Ngaro

Privacy Commissioner’s submission on CYPF Oranga Tamariki Legislation Bill 2017

Letter to Contracted Services clarifying ICLS from SIU


2016 Issues Paper: The Community Sector and the collection of Individual Client Level Data


Vulnerability Report (22) from New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services June 2016

Templates for policy relating to Health and Safety 2016

Template – Health and Safety Policy

Template – Governance Health and Safety Policy

Template – Hazard Register

Template – Hazard Notification Form

Template – Hazard Identification Form


Outcomes Plus – Research from NZCCSS

Productivity Commission – Final Report at a Glance

Productivity Commission presentation to CNW

Sustainable Development Goals 2015

Help sheet for Lottery Grants and the Real Me system

BERL briefing on Budget 2015 and how it may affect Community and Voluntary organisations and their clients.


Our constitution


NPISA Report

NPISA 2013 Infographic

Fears, Constraints and Contracts: Dr Sandra Grey and Dr Charles Sedgwick


Promoting Community Well-Being 2005

External Links

Charities Services — find updated information on the new accountability requirements for charities, constitutional wording requirements etc.

TechSoup — get access to charitable discounts on software and hardware from multiple providers.


28.01.2016: Submission  to Social Services Select Committee on Residential Tenancies                            from Auckland District Council of Social Services.

30.06.2015: Submission to The Productivity Commission draft report from C.N.A

16.06.2015: Submission to The Productivity Commission draft report from Auckland District                       Council of Social Services.

11.06.2015: Submission to The Statistics Department from Auckland District Council of                             Social Services.

24.11.2014: Submission to The Productivity Commission Issues Paper from C.N.A

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  1. […] These templates include a Health and Safety Policy, Governance Health and Safety Policy, Hazard Register and Hazard Notification. The templates are available to the community sector and may be downloaded from our website […]

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