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As a member…

Your organisation becomes part of a nationwide network of local community-based networking organisations.

We encourage member organisations to network with each other across the sector, and support each other’s work.

Member benefits

  • Keep up to date on what’s happening in the community sector, including information on relevant reforms/consultations and key events.
  • Receive personalised organisational advice and support as needed.
  • Be part of collective voice on matters affecting the community sector.
  • Connect with other community networks across Aotearoa. Every second year we hold a full conference open to anyone who wishes to attend. In alternate years we hold a small hui for our organisational members.

Who can join?

We welcome new members of any size. Member organisations are committed to working for social wellbeing, equality and community development in their own communities. Your organisation needs to be a networking non-profit NGO organisation. Your membership also will need to be ratified by our Executive Committee.

Other groups can also join CNA as associate members, for $25+GST. Associate members receive our monthly Network News and can attend our conference, and other meetings we might hold.

We also invite associated networks and individuals to subscribe to Network News.

How do we join?

If your group wants to become a member of Community Networks Aotearoa, please fill out and return this form. We will contact you when we receive your form to talk about how best Community Networks Aotearoa can assist your organisation.

We acknowledge that only local groups know what fits in best with their own activities and goals and with their own communities.

Photo: Jason Pratt