Our biennial Membership Hui was held on the 13th October 2020 at the Naumi Hotel here in Wellington.

This was a one day Hui where our Member organisations had the chance to network and to discuss matters and ideas effecting them and the Sector. We have a very diverse membership from all over Aoteaora/New Zealand and we are so appreciative of them taking time to come together here.

We all shared information around our challenges, opportunities, and solutions. There was much lively chatter during the breaks as the conversations kept going.

After opening our day with a karakia from our Kaumatua Te Urikore (Papa Julius) Waenga, CNA Executive Committee Chair, Tess Casey, welcomed us all.

We were hugely fortunate to secure well-known and much admired epidemiologist Dr. Siouxsie Wiles as our Keynote Speaker. She outlined our history of responses to pandemics and how the challenges of COVID-19 can be faced. Our Members really appreciated the acknowledgement of the kindness and strength in stepping up during the lockdown.

Our second session was a SpeakEasy, facilitated by our fantastic MC for the day Karen Stockmann of Community Waikato.

Prior to the Hui we surveyed our Members for their most pressing issues and gathered 5 experts for each of our 5 main areas of concern. A round-robin of discussions led to many conversations and sharing of ideas.

You can find our collated notes of these sessions posted on this website.

After a yummy lunch our last presentation was by Sarah Doherty who is currently mid-way through our Members Research Project. The project has been commissioned to look in-depth at who our membership is, their needs and how better we can meet and support those needs where we can. There were some surprising data that we can’t wait to share with our Members.

Papa2Our last session of the day, again facilitated by Karen Stockmann, was for Feedback and Reflection on the Hui before Papa Julius brought our day to a close with a blessing.

And just a little bit more networking as delegates stayed for nibbles and drinks or winged their way back around Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We are really gratified that so many Members found this year’s Hui very valuable, not only in finding new friends and sharing with like-minded people, but also the chance to meet face to face after the impact of COVID-19. While it was a busy time, there is nothing like taking a day to stop, reflect, recharge, and connect.

Photo: bruceandrobyn