SpeakEasy Notes

Five tables – Five Experts – Five Topics

With the topics chosen by our Members, each table also had a starter question to kick off conversation or to be ignored in favour of particular questions brought to the table. These bullet point notes are to remind you of topics, ideas, thoughts, difficulties, things discussed, and to inspire further conversations.

Strategy & Resilience

with Holly Snape

Starter Question: How do you deal with challenging employees?
  • Strategic Plan is a mechanism – leads to organisational resilience if the plan is strong
  • It needs to be flexible/agile
  • Needs ongoing buy-in
    • A shared understanding; Planning meetings; Values conversation; Connecting the organisation’s activity to the strategy
  • Communication – everyone knows what we are here for; Clear, structural approach helps boost the communication between staff and management
  • The vision stays the same while the process may change
  • The process can be vital in establishing the culture of the workplace
  • Delivering to the mission of the organisation – a Strategic Plan holds you accountable
  • If the board are not driving it, they are not doing their role, they should be in the process.
  • Must be fit for purpose – it reflects the needs of the members/clients
  • It provides security for staff and is vitally important when you have board changes
  • Funding strategies driven to the Strategic Plan keep a team motivated
  • Building and maintaining organisational relationships help ensure a community-led approach
  • Consulting the community on upcoming projects – keeping the community wellbeing strong by involving them in the loop. Find ways for organisations and their networks to buy into the Strategic Plan
  • Resilience – examples of
    • Financial strength – diverse revenue streams
    • Pivot, agile, responsive
    • Getting and keeping people on the Board
    • Measured by wellbeing – how you treat people in the organisation
    • Having the confidence to make mistakes, useful for innovation
    • Robust Networks
  • Resource & Flexibility – how can organisations adapt to external circumstances, and are the resources available in your organisation for them to make these changes?
  • Strength of an organisation relies on the strength of the communication within the organisation
  • Identifying and responding to the needs of the communities around the organisation
  • There may be no ‘right time’ to make decisions
  • Values are the guard rail that keep the path clear. Paramount to include in the Strategic Plan in order to continue the growth and response.
  • Annual reviews of the plan in order to touch base and continue reviewing areas that require development
  • Over reliance of funding adversely effects the organisations ability to implement a strong strategic plan
  • Strong mentoring programmes can help set the bar and the agenda to the staff

We hope that this reminds you of some of the conversations that were had and may bring up some points to discuss within and around your organisation(s).

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