SpeakEasy Notes

Five tables – Five Experts – Five Topics

With the topics chosen by our Members, each table also had a starter question to kick off conversation or to be ignored in favour of particular questions brought to the table. These bullet point notes are to remind you of topics, ideas, thoughts, difficulties, things discussed, and to inspire further conversations.

Harnessing Technology

with Tony Gilbert

Starter Question: How did the tech you have meet your needs during lockdown?
  • Examples of tech used
  • Were these efficient?
    • Can be challenging; Multiple logins required; Different levels of accessibility
  • Zoom has changed in-person meetings/ways of working
    • Having a dedicated zoom chair (where you sit) has translated into life style
    • More effective; good structure required – clear agenda and stating expectations
    • This has also increased working from home time & personal costs (power/interent)
    • Send out agendas in advance
  • A wide spectrum of lockdown adaption
    • Tech tools/apps/programmes should have the ability to use collaboration features easily – this avoids multiple versions and progress can be made in real time, (e.g. working on one document on Google drive, rather than a document at each desk which then needs multiple updates).
    • High importance of a good database
    • Tools should make the work easier – is the tech ruling you?
    • Some offices have gone paperless
    • If tech is unreliable then it’s a waste of time
  • Confidentiality and work with Government agencies
    • Lack of consistency between Govt. dept.s disappointing and frustrating
    • Still far too many hoops/steps to jump through
  • Freeware / Pay-to-Use / Budget
    • Some NGOs have no budget for tech
    • Getting professionals to sort it can be costly, but worth it in the long run
    • Some companies subsidise charitable organisations
    • TRAINING WEBSITE FOR TECH ANXIOUS PEOPLE Using Technology Better Mike Reading
  • Accessibility is an issue for some communities – aged; rural
  • Security
    • Be sure to evaluate your tools – is this tech still fit for purpose?
    • Ensure everyone has complex PASSPHRASES & changes them regularly
    • Use multi-step authorisation
    • Have cyber insurance
  • How to support staff/wellbeing
    • People can feel pressured to always be online/available
    • At home, set up your day like a work day – take breaks, walk around, don’t always sit in front of your computer
    • Set an expectation of wellbeing across office – replicate the office vibe
    • Getting used to not travelling for meetings
    • Have a calendar to ensure staff get away from zoom

We hope that this reminds you of some of the conversations that were had and may bring up some points to discuss within and around your organisation(s).

Photo: bruceandrobyn