SpeakEasy Notes

Five tables – Five Experts – Five Topics

With the topics chosen by our Members, each table also had a starter question to kick off conversation or to be ignored in favour of particular questions brought to the table. These bullet point notes are to remind you of topics, ideas, thoughts, difficulties, things discussed, and to inspire further conversations.

Staff Management & Employment

with Sandra Grey

Starter Question: How do you deal with challenging employees?
  • Management Tips
    • Have clear boundaries and expectations – the What & How
    • Revisit Job Descriptions for both staff and volunteers
      • Difference between staff and vols
        • Contracts
        • What Vols can expect from role/ you /your organisation
      • Volunteering NZ has ‘best practice’ guidelines, volunteer agreements role descriptions
      • Approach people from a ‘learning perspective’ OVER ‘performance management
  • Tension between teams?
    • Acknowledge issues
    • Set goals / timeline
    • Regroup / Plan
    • Bring in experts (e.g. mental health, etc.)
  • How long do you help?
    • You follow your plan
    • Tick off goals as you go
  • Personal Grievance
    • People find this difficult to deal with
    • Make sure you have explained your clear expectations from day one
    • Go in early – don’t let behaviour continue
    • Look at where help is required
    • Track/follow through changes
    • It is difficult to manage without taking on the above points
  • How to deal with a continuous change of directive
    • Have a strong Strategic Plan
    • Realistic time to respond to discussions and changes in expectations
    • Give explanations – the Why?
    • Offer help where applicable (i.e. training/courses)
    • Cutting staff
      • Offer volunteered redundancy
    • Provide a circuit breaker from destructive behaviour
      • adsf
      • Keep compassion over experience [in regards to layoffs]
      • Relax, provide options
      • Encourage a support person from both parties to help de-escalate
      • Be kind and strong

We hope that this reminds you of some of the conversations that were had and may bring up some points to discuss within and around your organisation(s).

Photo: Orinoko42