Network News August 2015

“All the talent in the world can’t take you anywhere without your teammates” – anon

The Rugby World Cup isn’t the only big event this year – Community Networks Aotearoa has its Hui coming up! Once every two years we bring our members together to meet, share and inspire each other over two days in Wellington.

Day one will kick off with a World Café enabling delegates to talk about burning issues such as emergency management and what’s on top in your region? in small groups. This will be followed by “Show Me the Money!” featuring a panel of experts looking a revenue streams in the not for profit sector. The lineout includes Liz Gibbs (CEO, Philanthropy NZ), Mike Reid (Principal Policy Adviser, LGNZ), Alex Hannant (CEO, Akina Foundation) and a representative from MSD.

The second half of day one will consist of further opportunities to network and learn by rotating through expert-led groups examining topics such as “Charities Accountability – are you up with the play?”; “Your Local Council” and “Outcomes Reporting – what d’ya need to know?”

Finally we welcome academic fly half, Associate Professor Michael Macaulay who will speak about “Developing and Maintaining Thriving Boards”. Michael is the Director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at VUW.

Day two will see us “pack down the scrum” with the business of our AGM followed by tea, birthday cake and candles as we celebrate CNA’s 40th! We will then delight delegates with a surprise speaker guaranteed to send them off home on a high after a bite of lunch.

Although primarily an event for our members, others working in the community and voluntary sector are also welcome to attend. For further information and/or to register please go to

Rising to the Challenge

Last month Ros attended the inaugural Waikato sector regional conference, Rising to the Challenge, organised and hosted by Community Waikato. Here are her thoughts on the event….

I attended the Community Waikato conference ‘Rising to the Challenge’ on 29th and 30th July.

From what I could see, people in the Waikato are not only rising to the challenge, they are attacking the ‘challenge’ head-on.

This inspiring two days introduced us to the Taupiri Youth Group, working on constructing a bush track to the summit of Mount Taupiri; the inspiring Breakthrough Community Trust from Taumarunui working to raise awareness around bullying, depression and youth suicide; and Colville Social Services Trust working out of an foyer and kitchen of the local hall but still hanging in there.

These amazing community people were only three of the winners from the Dragons’ Den competition, and only a small example of the huge numbers of dedicated community people who turned up to the conference.

This conference was about the community. We all learned how to operate in a ‘learning marketplace’ where we shared information, discussion, and viewpoints about whatever we wanted, however we wanted.  I liked it. It was about the issues of the day, plus networking with our peers in a structured but completely open environment. More, more! 

The presenters and key note speakers were outstanding, (although to be frank, I could have done without Nigel Latta). Here are some of the insights I gained from some of the presentations, in no particular order:

  • Tony Christiansen: “What you achieve in life is determined by your attitude.
  • Garth Nowland Forman: “Sometimes defining outcomes is like putting a fence around a piece of ocean.  The fence might be what you define, but the ocean keeps moving.”
  • Dale Williams: Youth to Work, COAL = Community Ownership and Leadership – Otorohanga.  Academic qualifications are not the only answer especially for unemployed youth in rural areas.

Well done Community Waikato. I loved the conference and the people; I will be back for the next one.

Accountants in Uncharted Waters – Setting it Straight
(from June 2015 Newsletter, Christchurch Community Accounting)
There have been a number of occasions in the past few weeks where we have been made aware of dubious or incorrect information given to not-for-profits by their accountants. We would like to clarify two of them here, because they may be of wider interest:

1.       Advice: One of New Zealand’s largest accounting firms has mailed out a newsletter-style email to their Charity clients advising of the new accounting treatment for donated goods. In it they stated that for Charities reporting under Tier 4 “there is no need to account for donated goods”.

Fact: Section 85 of the Tier 4 financial reporting standard clearly states that an organisation must report a current value (where obtainable) for each donated resource. When made aware of their error, the accounting firm replied that they will not issue a correction because they do not consider such reporting of values ‘accounting’.

2.       Advice: A Charity using not-for-profit titles for their financial statements (such as ‘Statement of Funding’ instead of ‘Statement of Financial Performance’) has been instructed by their auditor to change the titles back to the business titles because they had used those titles last year and were not allowed to change under the old GAAP rules, which are still in force.

Fact: Both the old accounting rules (NZIAS) and the new ones explicitly state that an organisation can choose their own titles for Statements. No mention is made in either set of standards that a title, once chosen, must not ever change in the future (the standards are otherwise quite particular about what aspects can and cannot change).

The Learning Fund

As part of its efforts to make a difference for disadvantaged children and their families, the J R McKenzie Trust supports work that engages parents, families and whānau in their children’s learning, to achieve better educational outcomes for children.

Lots of early childhood centres, kohanga reo, schools and community groups are already working hard to achieve this and there are great examples of effective practice around the country. The Trust wants to encourage them to share their learning and inspire others however recognises for many groups it can be difficult to access the learning opportunities, such as conferences and training sessions, where this sharing takes place.  

The Learning Fund makes small grants (up to $500) towards the costs of these kinds of learning opportunities. For further information go to

On Air with Ros

Download and listen to the most recent broadcast of Collaborative Voices where Ros speaks to Liz Pennington, Chief Executive of Vitae about well-being in the workplace, home and community.

Community Scoop

Here are the links to the latest ComVoices blogs on Community Scoop. Interesting reading…
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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops



MARANGA MAI! Standing Strong Together – Whangarei, 17 – 18 September 2015
In a climate of rapid change, policy makers, practitioners, researchers and managers have often to find spaces for dialogue in order to make sense of the complex social environment to be more effective. Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) 2015 Conference is one such opportunity, bringing together a distinguished yet grounded line-up of speakers, workshop facilitators and field experiences to inspire. For full programme and registration go to 

People in Disasters Conference – Christchurch, 24 – 26 February 2016
For full programme and registration for this inagural, international conference, go to  Early Bird registration closes on 31 August.


Shaping the Future: Workforce Development in Action – Wellington (20 August), Hamilton (21 August), Auckland (24 August), Whangarei (25 August), Dunedin (31 August), Christchurch (2 September) 2015
The social and community sector future workforce – have your say!  As part of SSPA’s best practice seminar series, Careerforce is working with sector stakeholders to better understand how the sector’s workforce will evolve over the next 20 years and what actions are required to achieve this evolution. This workshop will include a series of interactive and strategic discussions which will enable participants to walk away with a collective understanding of the direction in which the sector is heading while also having shared their views about the development of a 5 and 20-year workforce plan. For further info and to register go to

And don’t forget, we’re here to help.  If you have any problems or issues, or just need some information, please don’t hesitate to contact Ros at the CNA office on Wellington (04) 472 3364 or  Both Ros and Fionn are here to provide support to our membership and always welcome your contact.

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