Network News December 2015

Buddy can you spare a dime?
by Ros Rice, Executive Officer, Community Networks Aotearoa

In November in the brief article we circulate monthly for use in our members’ newsletters, CNA asked for good ideas that people may have towards sustainable funding. Although I said silly answers were acceptable, I think many of the responses we had were interesting, innovative and thinking outside the box.

I decided to share some of the really great responses.

Meri offered practical ideas about funders she had experienced:

  • Fonterra often funds charities
  • WEL Energy Trust has a fund for charities
  • Do not forget local council funding

Meri followed up with good advice that applies to ALL sponsorship. Sponsors want to see their dollars spent well, and to see results, and their logo on any advertising pertaining to the event they are funding. Do not forget your sponsors. Taking their money and ignoring them, is very rude and a bad idea. After all, they have got in behind you financially, and we cannot take that generosity for granted.

Ken shared some brilliant lateral thinking. He talked about the Blind Foundation selling talking watches and suggested, in the same vein, that Charities could use the economies of scale to purchase and resell goods relevant to their charity. Following along this idea Ken considered that one off sponsorship for an initial bulk purchase would enable the sponsor to get publicity plus be able to write off the donation as advertising. I am sure that this idea will need investigating regarding charities and social enterprise, but great to see innovative ideas. Ken also discussed that supplying a need, but at lower cost than elsewhere enables money from that charity to go towards continuing to supply that need.
Ken didn’t stop there, his thoughts moved to network alliances of organisations like small community gardens, soup kitchens and others. He suggested that instead of people buying $25 Prezzy Cards, people could buy a Manaakitanga networks card, displaying the name of the sponsor and listing the contacts in the alliance.
Brilliant ideas Ken.

Sue reminded us to keep checking GETS.  (Government Electronic Tendering System)  You never know when something might come up that fits our organisations.

Emma discussed Impact Investment, and I plan to write more about this after attending a seminar run by the Akina Foundation early next year.

Finally Simon talked about achieving greater sustainability by looking carefully at problems and creating wider ranging partnerships around solving them. Together developing responses that tackle the issue together.

Only some of the great ideas for thinking about when considering our funding and how we all aim for sustainability.​

On air with Ros 

Download and listen to the most recent broadcast of Collaborative Voices where Ros speaks to Chair of Philanthropy New Zealand, Kate Frykberg, about the organisation’s latest report “Giving New Zealand: Philanthropic Funding 2014.”

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Christmas closing…

As we come to the end of another year, Ros, Fionn and our Executive Committee wish all Air-Conditioning-Specialists-Merry-Christmasour members, colleagues and Network News subscribers, a safe and happy holiday over the Christmas season.

The CNA office will be closed from Wednesday 23 December until Monday 11 January 2016.

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“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.”
– Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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