Our people / Whānau

Executive Committee / Poari 18–20


JoJo Taylor is general manager of CAPS Hauraki, has over 30 years experience in the health and social service sectors. She brings with her the knowledge based on her nursing, counselling and management training. She has established networks across the Hauraki and Thames/Coromandel regions. She also brings with her, associations with other national bodies including Jigsaw, with whom CAPS Hauraki works closely as a member.


Andrew Beyer

Andrew Beyer secretary, has been on our executive since 2002 and was chair for six years. He is on the Auckland District Council of Social Services and Manukau East Council of Social Services executives. Andrew lives and works in South Auckland with a community liaison role across the region and local ministry through an Anglican Church in Mangere.


Holly Snape, chief executive of Community Waikato, has worked holly-snape-655in the community sector since leaving the University of Waikato in 2004.
Her first community role was as manager of a community house in
Melville Hamilton.  In this role she was committed to engaging the
community, seeking their input to develop programmes and initiate services that promoted community wellbeing. Since then all her work – both voluntary and paid – has been in the community sector in various capacities, from training dogs to digital literacy, from mental health to access radio. Holly has also continued to provide guest lectures at Waikato
University because she sees real value in informing students about the
value of the work we undertake in this often invisible sector. Community
wellbeing has been Holly’s driving force for more than a decade. She believes
in being informed about what is impacting our communities so that we can apply
creative solutions to local problems.


Tess Casey is the chief executive of Neighbourhood Support NZ.tc Tess is also lead facilitator for organisation development service One Fish Solutions, a member of the Disability Employment Forum and the Education for All Network. Tess previously worked in the areas of communications and community development for over 20 years.


Denise Lormans is the Manager of Southland Community Law Centre. She has extensive experience working in the community and providing services to the public, including through government regulatory bodies, national, regional and provincial offices.


Chris Glaudel is Deputy Director of Community Housing Aotearoa.
He has considerable experience both in New Zealand and the 
Unites States working in the community sector with a particular
focusing on housing.


Liz Hawes is the new Kaituiora for the Social Equity and WellbeingNetwork in Christchurch. She has a strong community background, having worked in the sector for 35 years, with experience across a range of different organisations.


Liz Graham is the Chairperson of Tairawhiti Community Voice. She has
been involved with St Johns for nearly 40 years, and is currently a
Medical Alarm Representative. Having worked in a range of roles with
St John and other community organisations she brings to the table much experience and knowledge of the social sector


Kaumatua – Te Urikore (Papa Julius) WaengaPapa2

Te manu e kai ana te miro
Nona te ngahere
Te mea e kai ana te matauranga
Nona te ao
Huri noa nga hau e wha
O te motu
Tena koutou katoa

The bird that feast upon miro berry
The forest he owns
The one who feast upon knowledge
The world is his
Turning to the four winds
of this island
Greetings to you all

Ko wai  au. No whea au.
Who am I and where am I from.
My name is Te Urikore Waenga also known as Papa Julius Waenga.  Resided in Wellington almost 50 years Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou are my iwi.  I am also the Kaumatua for Community Networks Aotearoa.  Tena koutou katoa.

Our Staff / Kaimahi


Ros Rice, our Executive Officer, has worked in the not-for-profit sector for 25 years. In 2007 she moved to Wellington from Dunedin to take the position of Executive Officer of Community NetworksAotearoa (formerly NZCOSS). Ros is active in ComVoices, a sector-led media and promotional organisation as well as a member of an NGO Advisory group to Community Investment; is on the New Zealand Advisory group for Techsoup; is part of the Equality Network and runs a radio programme on the sector on Wellington Access Radio. Ros works closely with the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services as well as working in an advisory capacity to different government departments, especially the Ministry of Social Development.



Patrick Davies has joined CNA in the role of Executive Assistant. This involves general administration duties, communications and special projects work. It also means doing anything Ros asks (within reason). Patrick has a background in the Arts and has taught and performed both nationally and internationally. He was a Producer/Administrator for Dunedin Improv Inc, Production Manager for the Dunedin Fringe Festival, Allen Hall Theatre Manager at the University of Otago, Assistant Producer for the NZ Improv Festival, and Community & Education Coordinator for the NZ Festival.

Photo: deeuutee