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CNA Executive Officer Ros Rice

Kia ora my friends,

This is a message for our members. October 13 we have our biennial Hui. It’s for only one day, but the biggest focus is talking and networking with each other. We have the wonderful Karen Stockman from Community Waikato for our MC but our keynote speaker is the amazing Dr Siouxsie Wiles. 
She isn’t sure if she can zoom in, or if she is turning up in person, but her presentation is just for ½ hour.  We know all of you have been through the wringer keeping up with community needs during CoVid, and Siouxsie has always been a shining light of common sense and smiles.Our message to you is this.  Please book flights NOW.  Airline travel is a bit dodgy, Paddy and I got moved flights the other week and there are less flights than normal.  Also if you need to come in a day early, let us know so if necessary we can help you with overnight costs.Most important is this PLEASE REGISTER!  We have final numbers to the hotel for rooms and catering which need to be in asap.  The hui is only 5 weeks away and if you don’t register asap, we might not have enough food for you.
Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


As always, remember we’re here to help. If you’re a member of CNA and have a problem or issue, or just need some information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (04) 472 3364 or




It’s all go here at CNA as we announce our Hui 2020 programme.
We begin with a karakia at 9:30am and end the day at 3:00pm.To download a Registration Form
and to see the Programme
CLICK HERE to go to our website.Here’s what’s in store for you…
Keynote Speaker – Dr. SIOUXSIE WILES
We are thrilled to announce Dr. Wiles as our Keynote Speaker. I think it would be almost impossible not to recognise her work through this pandemic and the clear communication she has brought to numerous platforms in New Zealand and overseas. Dr. Wiles will be speaking about some of the ramifications to our sector and how we might move forward in a prepared way.


Our MC for the Hui is Karen Stockman from CNA Member Community Waikato where she has been an advisor since 2011, and has a background in facilitation, training, and development.Karen will also be facilitating our ‘Speakeasy’ where we will have speakers addressing issues that you have raised with us through our Issues Survey. We will then have time to break into groups to discuss, ask questions and share information and resources about one of these issues. You’ll have the chance to rotate through these groups to touch base with each issue.

The issues that you have brought to our attention are
* Collaboration – including advocacy and community led action
* HR – including management, contracting, and evaluations
* Funding – including resources, where to get information and new ideas
* Technology – including how to maximise our technology after COVID-19
* Planning – including strategic planning and building resilience

We invite you to bring questions you want answered; to bring solutions you’ve found; to bring any materials with you to share with your fellow Members.

Remember – there is nothing as powerful as an idea who’s time has come.,
and what a chance to share these good ideas to help others.

Special Presentation: Who Are You?

Sarah Doherty will present some of her work on our Members’ Research Project. Earlier this year CNA commissioned Sarah to independently engage with our Membership to give us a more focused idea on who our membership is. We know that we have a wide range of diverse networks and this mahi will help us strategise to continue to provide meaningful support for you.


When asked there was a resounding call to have a face to face Hui and we know how valuable it is to meet old friends and to make new ones. There will be ample opportunity during morning tea and lunch to have a natter with like-minded folk.After hearing about our Membership from Sarah Doherty we will have time to reflect on the day and then end with a karakia at 3:00pm after which we invite you to stay around, have a cuppa and a good yarn with those you have met during the day.

Important Information-

Date:    13th, October
Time:    9:30 am – 3:00pm
Where: CQ Hotel, 213-223 Cuba Street, Wellington (fully accessible)


Hui Checklist

* Completed and sent in your Registration Form?
(includes any dietary and other requirements)
* Booked your travel?
* Booked you accommodation if needed?
* Started thinking about what information or questions, if any,you may want to bring to the Speakeasy?

Meet the Members –
South Dunedin Community Network

The South Dunedin Community Network connects people who live, work or play across the wider South Dunedin area to strengthen communities and help people use their voice to create a vibrant, resilient community and a safe future together.
South Dunedin is a diverse community in a unique position. Built on a foundation of reclaimed swamp lands, we are facing some serious implications due to rising sea levels. Surface flooding is already a real issue in our community and it is from the need for the community to come together after some serious flooding in 2015, that the Community Network was created.

Since then, long term water issues have been a key aspect in our work, as well as building up our community and creating day to day opportunities for the community to come together and celebrate. We host two community Hui every year, as well as being part of the organisation of the South Dunedin Street Festival, the Teddy Bears’ Hospital each year. We also are part of a number of networks within our community and run smaller events, such as sausage sizzles, throughout the community.
In our first few years we were fortunate to be umbrellaed and supported by Otago Catholic Social Services. We have just begun our next stage of development by becoming an incorporated society and intend to move quickly onto being a registered charity. This is a big step that we are very proud to be making.
The Network works with a diverse range of people at a local, regional and national level and supports the community by providing a way for everyone to connect through membership, sharing knowledge and recruiting volunteers who form a network and help to connect the community. We have four main areas of focus within our community network, Advocacy, Communication, Connection and Celebration and do all of our mahi with a focus on Community Led development.
Currently we have two new staff members, this allows us to have community rooms open to the public and to be active amongst our community, connecting with people, helping run great local events and advocating for the things that matter to our community.
COVID-19 and lockdown has brought a number of challenges for our community especially connecting within the network, as the internet is not something all of our community has access to. We were about to hold an evening community Hui during Level 1, focused totally around what we had learnt during lockdown and what we as a community could do differently going forward. Sadly, moving into level 2 prevented us from holding this event. We are now looking at ways we can create events, like our Hui, that enable quality connection for people while adhering to level two requirements, a challenge that I am sure most community networks would be working through at this time. We are determined to not stop everything as it is in these times that community activity, connection and visibility is so very important for our people.
Despite the challenges COVID-19 has brought to us, we are very excited about the work that we are doing and are looking forward to building our community rooms up to be an even more well-used space for the community and for our mahi to bring the people who live, work or play in South Dunedin together. 

Listening To Our Members
CNA Members’ Research Project

As you’ll see from our Hui programme we are already underway with out Members’ Research Project. For the past few months, we have been thinking about how we can better understand our members and how we can make sure our services are meeting the needs of our members, now and into the future.We have engaged Sarah Doherty of Doherty Solutions to help us with this work, so that we can listen deeply, look for the insights, and then plan with confidence. Sarah has a great deal of experience in the community sector and though she has worked with us before, (you might know Sarah from some of her previous work, or from our Conference last year) comes to this project as an independent contractor so you can feel free to be as candid as you wish.

Sarah will be speaking with every one of our members, and visiting with many of you as well, in the next few months.

In this video Ros & Sarah have a quick chat about the project CLICK HERE

Sarah will be in contact soon, you can reach her on

On October 15 International Shakeout day is observed with the mission to educate the public about the importance of taking immediate action in case of an earthquake.Does your organisation have a continuity plan for such an event?
If you don’t have a business continuity plan or are currently making or editing yours, and Resilient Organisations have guides and resources for you.CNA whole-heartedly suggest you get on board with the ShakeOut to make sure you are prepared.To sign up for the New Zealand ShakeOut please CLICK HERE
To access image, videos & resources for the ShakeOut please CLICK HERE
To access the organisation/business continuity resources CLICK HERE
8th September – International Literacy Day
9th September – International Suduku Day
10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day

Second Monitoring Report Released

The Monitor has published its second report covering agency compliance with the Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations 2018 (NCS Regulations). The findings are for the six-month period from 1 July to 31 December 2019, including the three months from 1 July to 30 September 2019 covered in the initial report.

To read the report CLICK HERE

Communal Cuppas

Fancy a break?
A catch up over a cuppa?
Send us an email or text and we’ll Zoom you.
We probably need a break and would welcome a chance to see you.

Help Your Community Get Ready To Vote

Voting in the 2020 New Zealand Elections and Referendums has now started and will end at 7pm on Election day, Saturday 19 September. You can find more resources about enrolling and voting on our website, including information in different languages and resources you can use online, on websites or social media.To visit the Electoral Commission Te Kaitaki Take Kōwhiri’s website CLICK HERE
To download their Community Resources CLICK HERE
Equality Network  invite you to join a live Facebook event to hear from political leaders how their parties plan to deliver a thriving and equitable Aotearoa. Now more than ever, Covid-19 has shown us that we are dependent on each other and no matter where we come from, what we look like, or how much money we have, it’s time to pull together to demand decent homes, support and income for everyone.

To find out more please CLICK HERE

New Zealand’s Astounding Wealth Gap
Challenges Our ‘Fair Go’ Identity

Max Rashbrooke of The Guardian, writes that new data shows the richest 1% are worth 68 times more than a typical New Zealander.The extent of wealth inequality in supposedly egalitarian New Zealand has been laid bare…
To read the full article CLICK HERE

Jenée Tibshraeny argues in a changing world the Government needs to balance out the RBNZ’s quantitative easing with a bottom-up approach to ensure the most needy don’t miss out.
To read the full article CLICK HERE
Shamubeel Eaqub assesses the economic picture in the context of Covid-19 and the looming election and encourages voters to engage with their local candidates.
To read the full article CLICK HEREMessaging on Income and Wealth Inequality How to sell the message that income and wealth inequality in Aotearoa needs to be reduced. Equality Network has this to say.
To read the full article CLICK HERE


The Community Connects grant aims to assist councils and communities to develop age friendly plans or to implement age friendly communities in accordance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Age Friendly Cities: A Guide. The fund targets projects that support their community to prepare for an ageing population and that promote the inclusion and contribution of older people in community life.We offer grants up to $15,000, from an annual budget of $100,000. If funds are not disbursed in one round there may be a further grant round in the same financial year.

The final date for applications for this year is Friday 9 October 2020.

To find out more CLICK HERE


Ros in conversation with
Liz Davies from Socialink

COLLABORATIVE VOICES is broadcast on Wellington Access Radio
or you can download this and previous episodes as a PODCAST
Previous interviews:
Danny Mollan from the Social Wellbeing Agency
 Steven Moe – NGO Zooms Over Lockdown


Techsoup NZ Free Webinars Aimed at Not For Profits

16th Sept 3-4pm  How Does Google Ads Fit Within Your Digital Strategy
17th Sept 1-2pm  How To Organise People & Data to Build a Thriving Community
23rd Sept 1-2pm  Wish More People Would Open Your Emails? 5 Tips To Help Improve Your Open Rate.
30th Sept 2-3pm  Writing Words for your Website; Getting People to Listen and Connect With Your Non-Profit

Previous Webinars of Interest

Funding Your Charity in a Post COVID-19 World


The Referendums

It’s important that all New Zealanders are able to make an informed choice on how they will vote. Referendum information is available in a range of languages and accessible formats, including te reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language.

To read the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill  CLICK HERE
To read the End of Life Choice Act  CLICK HERE

ComVoices Blogs

Links to the latest ComVoices blogs on  Community Scoop. We highly recommend the fascinating reading to be found here.

Employment Opportunity

Restorative Practices Aotearoa, one of our Members, has some employment opportunities in different regions. If you know of anyone who may be interested can you please pass this on.

Survivor Specialist role – PROJECT RESTORE NZ Christchurch OR Dunedin based – serving the South Island of NZ and elsewhere as needed.
Clinical Manager Role – PROJECT RESTORE NZ Auckland based. FTE 0.8

Applications close Monday, 21st September

If you are interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to our Core Services Manager, Justine Leef via A job description is available on request.

Community Networks Aotearoa Online 2020 AGM

10am-12pm on Wednesday 28th of October.

All full Members of Community Networks Aotearoa have now received their notification  of our online AGM. This includes nomination forms for our Exectuve Committee as well as forms for remits and motions.

If you have not received yours please email Patrick on

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