CNA Network News Dec 2020

CNA Network News Dec 2020
‘The Voice of the Community’
In the December issue 

From the top…

We are on our way to saying farewell to this year – and what a year it has been!.  Firstly however, we have the incredible fortune to be able to celebrate a COVID free Christmas.
When I look at what is happening off our shores, and when I talk to my American friends who are living in an on-going hell of stress and illness, I am so thankful for how lucky we are to be able to gather with friends, family, co-workers and our communities in safety and be able to truly celebrate the Christmas spirit.
So I wish all of you a very happy and relaxed Christmas – you all deserve it.
Please take a moment to remember those who suffered this year – the COVID virus, the social and financial effects of the lockdown, the over-stretched community response, Whakaari/White Island, the 10th anniversary of Pike River, and those reliving the trauma of Christchurch terrorism with the release of the report.I also ask you to take a moment to remember those amongst us who have lost loved ones, those amongst us who are sitting at their Christmas table without family, those amongst us who are still living in stress and fear all around the world due to this deadly virus.
I don’t want to be focused on the negatives of 2020, but most of us are so lucky to be able to get through to 2021 and by recognising and remembering those that didn’t, we can move on with respect, to looking hopefully forward to a much less stressful New Year.

One week later, in Aotearoa, we are able to go out, mingle, party, watch fireworks or to meet with friends and family to count in the new year of 2021.

Let’s remember and celebrate the amazing response of our sector, the ongoing development of vaccines, the speed of the Government’s response (no excuses now), and You – who have worked beyond expectations, and resources to improve the lives of Kiwis around the country.

Paddy and I wish you a safe respite from the ‘year of hell’, the time to recharge for the ongoing issues we face in 2021, and aroha beyond words for your beautiful mahi. You inspire us to continue to be there for you.


Ros meets our sector’s Minister, the Hon. Priyanca Radhakrishanan, at the
Ministry of Social Development end of year function after catching up with
the Hon. Carmel Sepuloni and MSD CEO Debbie Power.

Meet the Members… PARENTHELP 

“Our mahi is essential to families in Aotoeroa”:  On our helpline, we’ve seen that the anxiety levels of both parents and young people have gone through the roof in the last years. It shows us that our mahi is essential to families in Aotearoa, as having good whānau and family relationships is fundamental to protecting youth from mental illness.
We are often the “ambulance at the top of the cliff” – a critical early intervention service. Helping families address issues in a timely way, preventing escalation and helping them find a way forward.  We are challenged every day by complex and difficult situations faced by families throughout New Zealand. These are often beyond the family’s control and leave little hope for a change in the future. That is where our services make a real difference.
We offer a wrap-around, integrated service. Helpline calls are followed by a referral to counselling, family therapy or parent education programmes. We are dedicated to ensuring that Helpline clients receive locally based support. We have been developing relationships with organisations, both governmental and non-governmental that share our Kaupapa to know that we can refer clients with confidence.
These core services have been operating for 30 years, beginning in Wellington in 1989. We started with a goal to support parents to lessen the number of child abuse cases in Aotearoa as a child abuse prevention service and a part of the CAPS network. This aspect of our work remains integral to our support of families today. We have also grown our service since then, and now provide parents with a safe, non-judgmental place for parents to turn to in times of difficulty.
We can proudly say that these services have passed the test 2020 has brough on us. For Parent Help it was the year of challenges and new opportunities.
Our flagship service – the national parenting Helpline – is telephone and web-based and was able to continue uninterrupted. Counsellors went onto Zoom or the telephone straight away, maintaining their appointments and accepting new clients.  Even the participants on a parenting course at the time of lockdown moved from group sessions to zooming in from home. We also started a “parenting coaching” service to fill some of the gaps.
As we approach the new year, our efforts go towards bringing more collaboration with agencies and growing our helpline and counselling service for the parents who need us.

The CNA Xmas Zoom Party!

As you can see Ros and Paddy are ready to get festive!*
3:00-4:00pm Thursday 17th, December
BYO yourself and festive cheers.
Please RSVP to by Wed 16th Dec.
*Costume not required, though encouraged!

New Privacy Laws Now In Force

As of 1st  December the new privacy laws came into force regarding you, your organisation’s, and members’ information – reporting a privacy breach is now mandatory – are you up with the changes and how they effect you?For more links, the key changes, and resources-.
Office of the Privacy Commission
Privacy Laws Come Into Force
Transitioning from the ’93 Act to the ’20 Act
The Government’s Key Change (Justice Dept.)

Raft of New Privacy Laws Come Into Force (Read/Listen RNZ)


Ros talks to Privacy Commissioner John Edwards about the new Privacy Act 2020 and our Sector

Previous available interviews include:
Tony Gilbert – New Era Technology  / Liz Davies – Socialink / Dr Prudence Stone – Public Health Association

Why Stuff’s Apology Matters

Stuff, as one of our major publishers, has apologised for institutional racism in it’s history of reporting. Here are some articles for your consideration
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Why holding ourselves to account matters
Steven Cowan: The Stuff apology: Neoliberal meets liberal guilt
Crosbie Walsh (Asia Pacific Report): Parihaka, a Stuff apology to Māori and seeking truth
Dave Brownz (Daily Blog): A Stuffed History means a Stuffed Future
Grant Shimmin (Stuff): Yes, an apology was necessary
Stuff: Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: Stuff’s apology welcome but overdue – Assistant Māori Children’s Commissioner
Tony Smith (Stuff): Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: Monocultural sports coverage has marginalised Māori stars
Point Of Order: Stuff and more nonsense – the perturbing case of political adverts being rejected
1News: Stuff’s apology for racist reporting a long time coming — Assistant Māori Children’s Commissioner
Lana Hart (Stuff): Are readers ready for bicultural media?

A Call For An Inequality Emergency

Former Labour MP Sue Moroney is calling for an “inequality emergency” to be declared, after the Government announced a climate emergency last week.

Child Poetry Monitor Shows Bold Action Required

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) welcomes the 2020 Child Poverty Monitor report released today by the Childrens Commission, Otago University and the JR McKenzie Trust, and agrees with the finding that bold action is required to turn the…


The CNA office will be closed from

Wednesday. 23rd December, returning on Monday 11th January 2021

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