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Kia Ora Koutou
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COVID-19 – Updates, Info & Resources Updated and date-stamped
Ministry of Health COVID-19 The official page for all information and advice.
RNZ – dedicated COVID-19 page.The dedicated emergency broadcaster

CNA Executive Officer Ros Rice

Kia ora Team,

I thought I would make a time to talk about something you have seen often but maybe haven’t thought about. Our logo. We love our logo because it is really meaningful to us.

The mako head is the historic symbol of Community Networks Aotearoa’s previous brand.- The NZ Council of Social Services. The symbol is retained to show C.N.A’s proud link with its predecessor. In Maori Mako sharks signify a saviour of the seas… 

…rescuing sailors in peril.  In the far north, the ocean taniwha Ruamano took the form of a mako.  If a waka overturned, the crew called upon Ruamano to deliver them safely to land. In another legend, when the canoe captained by Tamatekapua was voyaging towards New Zealand, it met Te parata, an ocean creature who almost swallowed the canoe and its crew. They were saved by a mako and in its honour the crew renamed the canoe and their tribe Te Arawa (the shark).

Three makos represent the three stake holding groups- Community Networks Aotearoa, Government and the Community – coming together face-to-face, forming relationships and building pathways.

A secondary shape is formed by the three makos – a ti kouka or cabbage tree. Ti Kouka is respected for its remarkable ability to grown in all habitats and rebound from disaster.  It has considerable medicinal and food values. And ti kouka specimens were used as important navigation markers.

I can’t think of a better description of how C.N.A and our membership and government worked through the lockdown together. Looking after people in peril, in a time of great danger we worked together for the wellbeing of everyone, we represented ourselves throughout the country, we were responding to an issue of medical concern, and as a result we have strengthened and formed new relationships and pathways to continue working together.
All power to the NGO sector!


As always, remember we’re here to help. If you’re a member of CNA and have a problem or issue, or just need some information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (04) 472 3364 or

Meet the Members –
Alexandra Council of Social Services: ACOSS

The Alexandra Council of Social Services (ACOSS) is a networking group for the Alexandra and Clyde area of Central Otago. Our membership is made up of representatives for a wide range of Social Services across our district, many of which also service the wider Central Otago and Central Lakes communities.

ACOSS has remained a central voice for the Social Service Sector for the past several decades during a time that has seen major social and economic changes that have defined the area and created the agricultural and tourist hotspot we are today. 

In late September 2019 a group on behalf of ACOSS organized and lead a community hui to look into the needs of the area, with the goal of finding ways to action the needs and wants of the community and not having yet another talkfest. The hui was made up of ACOSS members, business owners and employers, iwi, churches, new people to our area and the Central Otago District Council. The result of the hui found that the greatest areas of need were housing, the aging population, and the increase of diverse groups.

From here the three issues were divided into committees to look into what could be done to address them. These groups have been the driving force behind community events including: the creation of a housing advisor to help people with their housing needs, a study into Virtual Villages for our aging population, working towards being an age friendly town, and bringing different cultures to the forefront to help educate about them.

ACOSS is not a service delivering organisation, instead we focus on working as a collective for all Social Services.
This includes meetings to bring services together to share information and experiences, to link services together, get updates on events and needs in the community and wider area, and to pull resources together when necessary.
To unite the sectors voice when working with Council or other groups and organisations.
To be there in times of need for our community and push for actions that will better support and help service users across all services and areas.

We are far from being a new part of the community but we are in every changing part of it. The longevity, the past and present successes of ACOSS has happened because members, service providers, Council, Community leaders and members have engaged with each other and see the value of the need to work together. We work not as individuals in our silos but as a positive, motivating collective that is integral to the health and well being of our fellow Central Otago units.

Jayden Cromb

As a side note, this year has been a stressful time for everyone. So if you haven’t already made plans to take a break when the weather warms up – or even in the glorious winter landscape – think about a trip to Central. Come enjoy the locally famous central heat with a glass of our world famous wine while you kick up your feet and relax in our quiet slice of paradise!

New Act Allows Modifications Regarding AGM or SGM 

On May 15th of this year the Government passed the COVID-19 Response (Requirements for Entities – Modifications and Exemptions) Act 2020 which allows modifications to constitutions or rules (including provisions for calling or holding meetings, rules relating to dispute resolution or waiving, suspending, deferring or reducing fees payable by members), when holding an organisations Annual and Special General Meetings.

The provisions take retrospective effect from 21st March and apply until 30th November 2020.

If you decide to make use of this provision to modify your constitutional duties there are certain things you need to do, including giving notice to the Registrar.

To read more about your modification to constitution or rules CLICK HERE
To read more about electronic voting and signatures  CLICK HERE
To download the Notice of Modification to Constitution or Rules PDF CLICK HERE

Assistance for Foreign Nationals Impacted
by COVID-19

Working with Te Tari Taiwhenua, Department of Internal Affairs, who is managing the New Zealand Government’s Foreign Nationals Impacted by COVID-19 Programme (known by New Zealand Red Cross as ‘Visitor Care Manaaki Manuhiri’), we are delivering in-kind assistance to help foreign nationals meet basic needs, such as food and accommodation.

Internal Affairs is administering the online system and processing applications. From 1 July, people who are in need and on temporary visas can check their eligibility and apply through The programme will run for three months.

For more information about eligibility and support CLICK HERE

Neighbourhood Support July Campaign –
Inclusive Communities

This month Neighbourhood Support NZ is celebrating the diverse array of people who call New Zealand home. Regardless of our different faiths, abilities, cultures, nationalities, ages, orientations and even genders – we want to make sure that our communities are safe and welcoming for all. There’s many ways to take part! From hosting a multicultural potluck where each attendee brings a dish from a country of their choice to coordinating a fundraiser that benefits refugees or our elderly there are thousands of ways big and small to make our households, neighbourhoods, schools and businesses even more inclusive. It could even be as simple as learning from a neighbour how to say ‘hello’ in their native language or ensuring local footpaths are accessible!

Want to share your thoughts? Let them know how you’re making your community more inclusive this month by tagging us in your posts + using the following hashtag: #NSNZinclusivecommunities

COVID-19 Implications on Philanthropic Funding and Grantmaking Survey Findings

In May 2020, Philanthropy New Zealand (PNZ) surveyed 120 of its philanthropic and grantmaker member organisations (funders) to gain a snapshot in time of the impacts of COVID-19 on their funding and approaches.PNZ undertook the survey because many of the investments and revenue streams of funders, that provide the money they distribute, have been affected. Philanthropic funders and grantmakers are also seeing changed demand for funding given greater community need.

Eighty-two PNZ funders responded. Their giving in the past 12 months represented around $432 million.

To read the one page information sheet CLICK HERE
To read the report – Covid-19 implications on philanthropic funding and grantmaking – Survey findings CLICK HERE

Communal Cuppas

Fancy a break?
A catch up over a cuppa?
Send us an email or text and we’ll Zoom you.
We probably need a break and would welcome a chance to see you.

Have your say: ComVoices COVID-19 & State of the Sector Survey 2020

Community and voluntary organisations are urged to take part in the biennial ComVoices State of the Sector survey.

The survey provides vital information about the wellbeing of our community organisations which then helps ComVoices advocate effectively on your behalf. We could not have begun to imagine what has transpired over the last few months. Covid-19 has meant new ways of working and changed the landscape for our community organisations.

In an election year it’s more important than ever that politicians and decision-makers understand the value of the work we do for community around New Zealand. The 2020 ‘State of the Sector’ report will include comparative data from earlier surveys and a commentary on current issues and trends facing the sector.

ComVoices invites all community sector organisations to add their voice to the survey, which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

LGNZ Recovery Fund To Sponsor New Sector Development Initiative

Local Government New Zealand’s National Council has announced the creation of an LGNZ Covid Recovery Fund, which will be used to deliver free digital training to support mayors, chairs and elected members in their post-Covid decision-making.

The Covid crisis has had a significant impact on local government, affecting every area of operations, from the provision of essential lifeline services such as drinking, waste and stormwater, rubbish and recycling, to the upkeep and maintenance of local roads, recreation facilities, libraries, and everything that makes our towns and cities the places communities love.

To read the full article CLICK HERE

Preparing For Further Outbreaks –
Have We Got the Right App?

Alert level 1! Like you no doubt, I am breathing a sigh of relief. But no one can guarantee that New Zealand has seen its last case of COVID-19.

Canberra has just seen its first new case after more than a month without one. A diplomat returning from overseas drove (as he was allowed to) from Sydney Airport to his Canberra home. He has since tested positive and is now in home quarantine.

Could the same thing happen in Wellington? Yes, it could.

To read the full article CLICK HERE

Janet Miller – Organisation Manager / Community Research

‘Time for those in Parliament to Listen to the
Voice of the Community Sector’

“The view while one is in parliament that all change stems from there is far from correct. Nearly all causes with any value start outside parliament and are far ahead of parliamentary debates.  There is much more ability to change lives in the community than in parliament, particularly in the hands-off neoliberal age.” Liz Gordon The Daily Blog

As a former MP and with many years of experience working in the community sector, Liz Gordon is in a good position to offer insight into where change occurs. This recognition of the community sector as the birthing place of change is one I’ve heard voiced many times before. Most community organisations are working at the flaxroots level, where organisations are driven to change in order to respond to the need they see in the communities they serve.

To read the full article CLICK HERE

 Collaborative Voices Is Back On Air!

This week: 
Ros talks to Steven Moe about the NGO/charities Zooms he has been holding during lockdown.

‘NGO Zooms Over Lockdown’
Now available – CLICK HERE for the podcast
COLLABORATIVE VOICES airs on Wellington Access Radio from 10:30 – 11:00 am on the third Saturday of the month. It is then replayed up and down the country, check your local Access Radio schedules; or you can download previous episodes as a podcast.
Previous available interviews include:
MP Paul Eagle; Climate Change with Dave Kennedy
Financial Capability with Tim Barnett


Monday, 13th July

Implementing Mahi A Atua as a service response: Te Kuwatawata ki Hauraki”

In our July webinar, Riana Manuel and Taima Campbell from Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki, will discuss the newly implemented Te Kūwatawata ki Hauraki. This is a mental health immediate response service that uses an holistic Māori approach based on Mahi a Atua to help whānau suffering mental distress?

Date: 13 Jul
Time: 11:00am 

COST: Koha
For more detailed  information or to be part of this webinar CLICK HERE

Wednesday, 15th July

Online Fundraising Webcon 2020

The Online Fundraising Webcon 2020 is a full-day series of 4 x 1.5 hour webinars aimed at beginner to intermediate level fundraising coordinators, managers, CEOs and board members. The Webcon will take you through a journey and process to identify whether online fundraising is right for your organisation, and if so, how and where to get started, find the right Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system and plan to capture and retain your online donors as regular givers.

Session 1 – Horses for courses: digital or not to digital? A warts and all look at fundraising online
Session 2 – Who gives? Finding your online giving audience
Session 3 – Does the ‘perfect’ CRM exist? How to search for a NFP CRM that suits you
Session 4 – Empathy mapping to build your digital tribe

Time: 11:00am – 6:30pm NZST
Cost: $175 ex.GST
For more detailed information about the webinar and each Session CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 28th July

State of Volunteering Report 2020

A deep dive into the findings of the State of Volunteering Report 2020. What are the impacts of COVID-19 on this? Join Johann Go (Research and Strategy Manager) and Michelle Kitney (Chief Executive) of Volunteering New Zealand as they take a detailed look into the report.

For more information and to register for this webinar CLICK HERE

Government Updates

One-on-One Online Clinics with Charities Services Available 

Charities Services and Hāpai Hapori Community Operations are holding online one-on-one clinics for charities every Thursday.
Come and talk to our team to get the answers to your questions about being a registered charity. We have a range of appointments available, depending on what questions you have. Financial reporting, funding, registration and general appointments are available with Charities Services and Hāpai Hapori Community Operations staff.
To register for a clinic CLICK HERE

Evidence Centre Te Pokapu Taunakitanga – Orangi Tamariki 

To see the list of recent publications and links to full reports 


SOCIAL WORKERS IN SCHOOLS (SWiS) – Read the reports.





CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE WITH IMPAIRMENTS – Read the full report.To visit their website to catch up on all of the latest research CLICK HERE

MSD: For information on where to go for services and support CLICK HERE.
IRD: For where to go for information and support CLICK HERE

ComVoices Blogs

Links to the latest ComVoices blogs on  Community Scoop. We highly recommend the fascinating reading to be found here.

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