Network News Mar 2020

Network News March 2020

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An Update from CNA Executive Officer Ros Rice

Kia ora my friends,

We are all being inundated with information about Covid-19 but we have a new issue.  One of the things Patrick and I have heard many times, is don’t touch your face, especially around your eyes, your nose or your mouth.  Have you ever tried not to do that? 

Every morning on the bus I try to get from Johnsonville to town without touching my face.  I never realised how much I always touch my face.  Weird thing, when you are trying not to touch your face, everything on your face from your nose to your eyebrows, your hairline, and around your mouth gets insanely itchy.

Patrick tried it this morning and only lasted 30 seconds before he was itching and straight away, a little scratch.  It’s so hard to do, that everyone needs to start practicing.  It’s like washing hands every chance you get, you need to get into the habit.  It would be a good habit even without the problem of keeping healthy and safe.
So this month my radio show is with Dr Prudence Stone, from the Public Health Association.  (One of our fabulous members).  We will be talking about the Public Health Association; viruses and treating each other with love and respect.  When it is recorded, you will be able to listen to it through this link.  Scroll down and you will find it along with our last four programmes.

Stay in touch and I hope to talk to you all soon.
Ros Rice

And lastly, as always, remember we’re here to help. If you’re a member of CNA and have a problem or issue, or just need some information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (04) 472 3364 or 

Employment New Zealand has released a
Workplace Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
you can READ IT HERE.

Meet the Members – Coexistence Wellington

Coexistence Wellington is working with the Tangata Whenua and Mana Whenua and multicultural communities in Whanganui ā Tara (city of Wellington) sharing the global message of peaceful multicultural coexistence, with respect, understanding and acceptance.  We promote tolerance and coexistence and the need to come together with these shared values for the development of our nation.Coexistence Wellington is a not-for-profit, community organisation based in Wellington, interested in collaborating, joining and engaging with organisations and communities throughout Aotearoa to stand together, to work together, embracing diversity and building a unified path forward. Through events, workshops, holding conversations and providing a platform  linking into and engaging with communities/organisations. 

Art is one of those platforms. Art is a language with no barriers and a way to cross all boundaries and reach out to all members of the community.  Exhibition Coexistence featured 45 large scale panel artworks (3mx5m) at Waitangi Park partnered by the United Nations Association Of New Zealand and other organisations representing diversity and coexistence.
Building on the experience and friendships developed during the 2018 Exhibition Coexistence and to continue the link between people, we are hosting an exhibition in October this year ‘Connectedness’, showcasing 17 artists from different cultures and various faiths, creating artwork exploring our connection to land and nature, our impact on the natural world  – Te Ao Mārama – the natural interconnected world. It is the traditional Māori view, shared by many cultures, everything in the world is believed to be related and it is our belief that the natural order and the entire system is out of balance and we need to reconnect. Reconnect to our land – our sense of place and belonging, our sense of community. This exhibition is presented in partnership with United Nations Association of NZ, to mark the United Nations 75th Anniversary, Ekta NZ, who fosters unity and a focus on community harmony, and other organisations, representing diversity in New Zealand. We are engaging with not only issues that face Aotearoa but world issues.

From our connection with Ekta NZ, ‘ Connectedness’ is including the works of Amardeep Shergill, a Melbourne based emerging artist who explores the notion of identity shaped by environment through ‘liminality’ exploring a world from a women viewpoint/culture and how it shapes Indian feminine identity and brings a sense of inquiry to explore.
With sense of a stronger inclusive community and whānau, we invite individuals/groups/organisation who share our kaupapa to connect with us, for further information please visit our website.

Artist – Amardeep Shergill

A New Approach – Social Wellbeing Agency
Replaces Social Investment Agency

The Minister for Social Development, the Hon. Carmel Sepuloni, has released a pānui pāpāno/ media statement seeking to redefine previous approaches by combining science, data and lived experience to better serve the needs of New Zealanders.

“Under the previous Government people were being treated as a fiscal liability, so we made the conscious decision to change that. I asked the Social Investment Agency to talk to the community to see what social wellbeing mean to them and how we as a Government could put that into practice”

Hon Carmel Sepuloni
Minister for Social Development
Minister responsible for the Social Investment Agency


The Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni today announced a new approach that continues to broaden the Government’s social sector focus from a narrow, investment approach to one centred on people and wellbeing.Minister Sepuloni said redefining the previous approach to social investment by combining science, data and lived experience better serves the needs of New Zealanders.

“Under the previous Government people were being treated as a fiscal liability, so we made the conscious decision to change that. I asked the Social Investment Agency to talk to the community to see what social wellbeing meant to them and how we as a Government could put that into practice.

“The new approach delivers on a people-focused model of looking at people and their needs because data is just one snapshot of people’s lives. We improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders by taking into account lived experiences – people are more than just numbers.

“Investing for social wellbeing requires a wide range of information to best support long term wellbeing. Government agencies will now look at the wider impact on people when making decisions about services they provide. This aligns with this Governments commitment to improving wellbeing for New Zealanders.”

Part of the change is realigning and renaming the Social Investment Agency to the Social Wellbeing Agency.

“We have already started to implement new principles within the social sector. One of the first examples of what our new improving social wellbeing approach means for research, and for the Social Wellbeing Agency, is the findings of a collaborative project with The Southern Initiative called Having a Baby in South Auckland.

“The wellbeing approach made a marked difference to the outcomes of the project. For example, the project found that fathers often stop earning money from paid work right around the time that baby is born,” said Minister Sepuloni.

“The research showed that fathers with lower qualifications display a pattern of being outside of paid employment before and after the birth of their child. In some cases they left jobs and or took job seeker benefits. For some this was driven by a desire for fathers to be at home with the mother and baby.

“This insight highlights the different types of stressors people experience in different circumstances, and that the right kind of information is key to delivering good outcomes for people.”

Neighbours Day 2020

Neighbours Day will run over 10 days, from March 27th – April 5th 2020, but if you miss the date, don’t let that stop you reaching out.

This year’s theme is: Small Things Make a Big Difference and we want to encourage the little acts of kindness and connection that can make BIG difference in someone’s day.

Register and Win! Our limited-edition Neighbours Day Aotearoa t-shirts were so popular last year, we have a NEW one this year. If you let us know how you are celebrating your Neighbours Day event for 2020, by registering your event and you could be in to win a fabulous, limited edition Neighbours Day t-shirt by talented New Zealand artist, Pinky Agnew that celebrates the theme of ‘Small Things Make a Big Difference’.

You can even just register your INTENT this year. So, you haven’t made firm plans but you are thinking about what you might do.  If you are organised and have an event on Facebook, make us a co-host and we will share your event with our audience.


On Air – Listen to Ros talk about…

The COVID19 (Corona) Virus and You

Ros’ guest is Dr. Prudence Stone from the Public Health Association of New Zealand Kāhui Hauora Tūmatanui. What you and your organisation need to know about the COVID19 virus.

COLLABORATIVE VOICES airs on Wellington Access Radio from 10:30 – 11:00 am on the first Saturday of the month. It is then replayed up and down the country, check your local Access Radio schedules; or you can download previous episodes as a podcast.

Available interviews include
 Healthy Aging with Stephanie Clare from Age Concern
MP Paul Eagle;
Climate Change with Dave Kennedy

Inland Revenue Update

Services Will Be Unavailable
In April, our next set of changes come into effect.
In order to make these changes our
key services will be unavailable
between 3pm Thursday 9 April and 8am Thursday 16 April.
During this time
our phone lines and offices will be closed,
and you will not be able to access myIR or e-File.

Resident Withholding Tax Exemption Register
IR has introduced a new online RWT that lists the IRD numnbers of all customers who are exempt from having RWT deducted from the interest and dividends they receive

There are two final webinars before IR goes live with their next round of changes in April.

The 4 March, 2020 2:30 to 3:30pm session is aimed at tax agents and BOOKKEEPERS
The 18 March, 2020 2:30 to 3:30pm session is aimed at employers and
Please click on any of  the links to REGISTER.

Being Treasurer Got You Down?

Struggling with your charities finances?
Need help understanding the treasurer’s role?
Having difficulty completing your annual return and performance report?

Community Accounting Aotearoa are offering free-of-charge financial support, advice and assistance. Community groups only require an internet connection and a computer with a camera.
This amazing opportunity is supported by the following organisations – Auckland North Community and Development (ANCAD), Department of Internal Affairs, Massey University, Foundation North, Auckland Council, Charities Services, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, RSM

To find out more Click Here.

Report and Recommendations from Māori-led Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki

In May 2019, the seriousness of ongoing issues with Oranga Tamariki (OT) – the Ministry for Children, was brought to the New Zealand public’s attention by media reporting on the actions of the agency in Hawke’s Bay.

The agency’s sustained and concerted attempt to forcibly uplift a newborn infant from a young Māori mother still in hospital recovering from childbirth was documented by a well-known reporter, and elicited widespread outrage.
To  read the report and other resources – Click Here.

Funding Collaboration in 2020

The Working Together More Fund (WTMF) supports collaborations and mergers that bring long-term benefits to non-profit organisations and the communities they serve.
Check out the eligibility criteria here, and please see the read more of this article for more information before applying.

  • Your collaborative initiative needs to deliver more than what NGOs already do – such as daily ongoing cooperation with other organisations
  • The collaboration needs to be more than simply coming together to jointly organise an event – unless the event’s purpose is focused on developing collaborations
  • The essence of our grant’s strategy is support for high quality collaboration – our website includes what we understand this to mean. Start by reviewing the ‘guidance’ we provide on examples of best-practice and high-quality collaboration
  • We assess applications on their level and quality of collaboration, and the anticipated impacts on service recipients and the organisations involved
  • We rarely exceed grants of $30,000 to support mergers and $20,000 for collaborations. If your proposal exceeds these figures, we recommend you contact us to discuss your initiative before applying 

For further info contact Bede Martin – or 021 230 2908
NEXT DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 5pm, Friday 20 March, 2020

ComVoices Blogs

Links to the latest ComVoices blogs on Community Scoop. We highly recommend the fascinating reading to be found here.

Government Consultations and Plans
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill Open for Submissions

The bill had it’s first reading on 20th February and has now been referred to the Social Services and Community Select Committee.
Submissions close on Wednesday, 25th March 2020.:

  • Remove a landlord’s ability to use no cause terminations to end a periodic tenancy agreement and require landlords to use a justified reason to end a periodic tenancy, including new provisions to respond to anti-social behaviour.
  • Mandate that fixed-term tenancy agreements must become periodic tenancy agreements upon expiry unless both parties agree otherwise, or certain conditions apply.
  • Increase financial penalties and give the Regulator new tools to take direct action against parties who are not meeting their obligations.
  • Allow for identifying details to be anonymised in situations where a party has been wholly or substantially successful in taking a case to the Tenancy Tribunal.
  • Ensure that tenants can add minor changes such as brackets to secure furniture and appliances against earthquake risk, baby proof the property, install visual fire alarms and doorbells, and hang pictures.
  • Prohibit the solicitation of rental bids by landlords and limit rent increases to once every twelve months.

The Bill also includes additional Ultra-fast Broadband proposals to:

  • Improve the process for the installation of fibre in rental properties by requiring landlords to permit and facilitate the installation of Ultra-fast Broadband, subject to specific triggers and exemptions.

The following links include further information on the  Ministry of Housing and Urban Development website: There are frequently asked questions and proactive release material available.  For information on how to make submissions to select committees – Click Here
To make a submission – Click Here

Your Place Your Data: 2018 Census Regional Tour

This regional tour takes the 2018 Census information around the country during March and April.. These seminars are targeted at professional and community-based user who have some understanding of data use and the value of census data.
For more information Click Here

Latest Child Poverty Statistics Released

There are nine different measure for child poverty, and these statistics for the year ended June 2019 have been published by Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa.
To read more and access the technical data Click Here.

Incorporated Societies Act Review

2020 will see changes to this 1908 Act. There will be a transition period of up to 2½ years for organisations to implement changes.
To read current information about the review – Click Here


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