This page keeps you updated on reforms / reviews / consultations relevant to the community sector. If this page is missing something that you think should be included, please let us know.

Charities Act review

The Charities Act 2005 is being reviewed to ensure that it is effective and fit for purpose. The Department of Internal Affairs has released a discussion document – consultation has been extended until 31 May 2019. More information on the review can be found here.

Sue Barker and Dave Henderson have received funding from a group of 12 community trusts and foundations to make sure there is a strong community voice in the review. Click here for information they have put together on the review – including why you should take part and key issues for charities to be aware of.

LEAD in Christchurch have also written a comprehensive blog with six recommendations that you may wish to pick up on. It is certainly worth a read, click here.

Changes to COGs funding

Earlier this year changes were announced to COGs funding that would have resulted in some areas receiving much less funding. Minister Henare has announced this change is on hold while he considers the impact of 2018 census data and wider issues relating to grants funding more generally. Therefore the funding formula changes will not be implemented in 2019, however the introduction of multi-year funding and criteria changes focusing COGS on small organisations are still proceeding.

Other Government reforms / reviews underway

Current consultations 

  • The Safe and Effective Justice Programme Advisory Group – Te Uepū Hāpai i te Ora – is visiting towns and cities across New Zealand to hear what people want from their criminal justice system. Find out more here (including a list of public forums).
  • The Government has announced a review of the New Zealand Health and Disability Sector. The review is keen to hear your thoughts on what system level changes could improve the performance of our health and disability system. For more information click here.

Other reforms to note

  • The Welfare Expert Advisory Group is advising on the future of the welfare system. The Group has delivered its advice to Ministers and the report will be made public late March / early April. More information can be found here.
  • Child Wellbeing Strategy – the strategy will commit Government to set and report on its actions to improve the wellbeing of all children and young people. For more information click here.
  • The Government is reforming the State Sector Act. More information on the review can be found here.
  • The Tax Working Group is examining the structure, fairness and balance of New Zealand’s tax system. The Government has now received the Group’s final report – more information and the report can be found here.
  • The Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill has had its first reading in Parliament. This Bill seeks to restore four aspects of community wellbeing in legislation (social, economic, environmental and cultural). For more information click here.
  • The Mental Health and Addiction Report has been released, the Government will formally respond in March. For more information click here.
  • The Government is considering the establishment of a sector-level bargaining system. This would enable unions and employers to develop Fair Pay Agreements that set minimum terms and conditions for all workers in an entire industry or occupation. The Government has established the Fair Pay Agreement Working Group to make recommendations on the design of this system. The Working Group has released its recommendations. For more information click here.

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